Exploring the Amazon Rainforest

From our hotel in Manaus, we booked one of the many river tours offered as a There was 9 of us and, included in the day was a meeting with a local tribe. Watch my vlog below. I'd like to think I'm a conscious traveller - about the environment, people and cultures. At the time, I didn't see much wrong with our tour. Our guide proudly told us about his native origins and even spoke the same language as the tribe we visited.There's been some recent controversy about these tours and this is the reason I wanted to revisit our adventure. If you click through my Amazon Series playlist, you'll see that it was back in January 2016. The New York Times article by Vanessa...

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ShaunVlog makes it on to TV

How's this for irony? Everything I say about the modern media landscape is that digital media is the only thing that matters. The traditional (print and even TV) is dead. And yet, here I am, happy as Larry to tell you about my very first TV appearance.My mate and fellow Edinburgh Vlogger Gavin Bell were summoned to talk about our talk about social media on STV2. I was nervous as hell but it went well and was watched by almost everyone I know. Unfortunately the STV Online link has now expired, so please take a moment to watch my story about it on YouTube below.

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