Exploring the Amazon Rainforest

From our hotel in Manaus, we booked one of the many river tours offered as a There was 9 of us and, included in the day was a meeting with a local tribe. Watch my vlog below. 

I'd like to think I'm a conscious traveller - about the environment, people and cultures. At the time, I didn't see much wrong with our tour. Our guide proudly told us about his native origins and even spoke the same language as the tribe we visited.

There's been some recent controversy about these tours and this is the reason I wanted to revisit our adventure. If you click through my Amazon Series playlist, you'll see that it was back in January 2016. The New York Times article by Vanessa Barbara has made me think about things. Certainly, while in the Amazon, we did not punch a dolphin. But we did visit them. At the time, it seemed so innocent. I think the authorities getting involved to regulate these tours is a good thing for these amazing creatures, and also for people.

Of course, we could see the tribespeople were there for show, but we didn't know what to expect beforehand. If you are in the Manaus area and going on one of these tours, be informed that what you will experience might not be what you imagine. Above all, please just remember to be respectful. It's now in doubt as to the reasons these people accept tourists into their villages.

For me, if the people involved are happy with what they are doing, are getting paid adequately and are not suffering abuse, then it's great.However, recent investigations suggest that this isn't the case. I'd be interested to know what you guys think in the comments below.

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  • Yvette Marie Soto

    Hi Shaun,
    Thanks so much for sharing your videos in Brazil with your family…loved every moment because I felt that I was there with you all! My favorite videos are with the Bird sanctuary (especially feeding the Toucans), swimming with the pink dolphins, the indigenous tribes and the amazing waterfalls.

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