'Heir To The Throne' - Shaun Alexander Scottish Legends Series Poster

'Heir To The Throne' - Shaun Alexander Scottish Legends Series Poster

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Image title: Heir To The Throne.  Shaun Alexander Scottish Legends Series Poster - October. 30*40cm print. These matte, museum-quality posters are printed on durable, archival paper.

This is the first photo in a monthly series I'm running from October 2018 called 'Scottish Legends'. 

I don’t talk about this much, but I once worked as a pro photographer. I spent years shooting for magazine groups and have a fair few front covers under my belt. But one day I fell out of love with photography and haven’t done anything with images, other than to capture family memories, for years.

But my passion for still images never truly left, and over the past year I’ve found myself taking photos around Scotland, in a bid to capture/document - and now share - it’s splendour, alongside my vlogs. And so that’s what my Scottish Legends series is about.

So I’d like to take a moment to present my first image, marking October. Deer are my favourite wild animal species that roam our hills, and October is the height of rutting season. This, therefore, is the most perilous time to attempt to photograph these animals in the wild.

Nonetheless, I try. Up Glen Etive in the Scottish highlands, the bigger stag deer were clearly in no mood for my camera lens, so I stayed well back, but this young buck - still a few years off maturity - showed a huge interest in me. There was just something about his expression that captivated me and prompted me to press the shutter button.

I hope you enjoy the result. October is stag month, and I can think of no better image to start this series off with.